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new technology for new ideas


new technology for new ideas

Plättner Elektronik was founded in 1991 by Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Helmut Plättner as a sole proprietorship with three employees in Quedlinburg. This was followed in 1996 by the founding of Plättner Elektronik GmbH, which today employs more than 90 people in development, production, sales, marketing and administration.


Plättner Elektronik GmbH has been growing for years and is a recognized employer and training company. The company has been based in Blankenburg in the Harz Mountains since 2005. The much larger, modern premises have provided Plättner Elektronik with the necessary conditions for further investment: in the latest generation of production technology, in state-of-the-art software and hardware, in forward-looking developments and in the know-how of our employees.







Successful re-certification of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 QM system.


Conversion and renovation of offices in the administration building. Commissioning of a new placement system (ASM Siplace X2). Acquisition of new customers and product relocations in the audio, railroad, medical and aviation technology sectors.


Change of tax office.



Construction of outdoor recreation area and expansion of small parts warehouse and main warehouse.


Introduction and application of the Integrated Management System (IMS): DIN ISO 9001, ISMS Information Management System DIN ISO 27001, Environmental Management DIN ISO 14001, Occupational Health and Safety Management DIN ISO 45001, Energy Management DIN ISO 50001.


Acquisition of new transporters and also purchased a fully automated painting system (Asymtec). This year we put our first robot arm into operation (Franka emika).


Support for the Blankenburg and Hüttenrode volunteer fire departments.


Purchase of two solder paste inspection systems (SPI Omron CKDVP5200) and a further SMD placement system (ASM Siplace SX2 incl. Wafflepack) as well as a tempering cabinet to minimize residual moisture in printed circuit boards (Binder). Expansion of two SMT lines with solder paste inspection systems (SPI, CKD VP5200L). Redesign of the reception area.


Foundation of the subsidiary plättner electronic production GmbH & Co. KG (pep).



30 years of Plättner Elektronik GmbH, innovative, consistent, fast and flexible. Handover of the company management from the founder Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Plättner to his son Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Marcus Plättner.


Establishment of the new marketing department and launch of a new marketing concept.


Investments in a new fully automatic 3D AOI line (Omron VT-S730-HE, plus handling), a fully automatic panel milling machine (Schunk SAR 1300-B2), a fully automatic machine for component preparation (Burst & Zick C043E), two further functional test systems (Dr. ESCHKE) and the purchase of a further company vehicle.


Founding of the parent company pando electronic GmbH and establishment of a group of companies.



Another selective soldering system was put into operation (Inertec ELS 3.3-7°C).


Due to the corona pandemic, a holistic hygiene and protection concept was created and applied. Successful re-certification of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 QM system.


Around 100 employees.



Acquisition and commissioning of a centrifugal mixer for solder paste preparation (ADL Prozesstechnik).


Since this year, we have been using two dry storage cabinets for MSL components (MECCO Technologies). We also have an X-ray system (AXI) in use to analyze hidden solder joints (dage XD 7500 VR).



Awarded the Ethics Prize of the Saxony-Anhalt Business Academy - we are particularly proud of this, the efforts of recent years have paid off.


Acquisition and commissioning of our first selective soldering system (Inertec ELS 3.0 Elka 2000) and acquisition and commissioning of a new wave soldering system (Seho MWS2340).



Introduction and application of the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system. The roof cladding of the old production complex and additional thermal insulation were renewed. A new road was also built.


Renewal and purchase of further SMT placement machines (Siplace D1 and D2) from SMT line VI and belt conveyors/feeders. Successful participation in several sporting events such as the Harz Team Challenge and the Harz Company Run.


Additional shelving areas were set up for the storage of materials and auxiliary materials. Commissioning of an additional compressor and a higher-level control system to save energy. Installation of a new telephone system. 



25 years of Plättner Elektronik GmbH - innovation, consistency, reliability and quality



Successful re-certification of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 QM system. Construction of a 2000m² warehouse and production hall began in June. Construction was completed at the end of November. Further acquisition of SMD placement machines (Siplace HS50, F5 incl. WPC), DEK stencil printers, reflow soldering systems (REHM VX and V8), as well as a THT wave soldering system (SEHO NGW 10/100) and handling. The company now employs around 90 people.



Investment in two further SMD placement machines (Siplace D1i and D4i) including handling, a calibration device for belt conveyor systems, a stencil cleaning system, a painting workstation and a further function tester for electronic gas and modulation systems. Creation of new office space required to increase the number of staff.



Acquisition of new measurement technology for EMC measurements and an additional automatic crimping and stripping machine for cables. Successful system monitoring of the ESD protection concept in accordance with DIN EN 61340 and quality management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.



Successful re-certification of the ISO 9001:2008 QM system.


Introduction and use of traceability software (LINE RECORDER). Investment in an automatic inspection system (AOI-Omron) including handling, as a stand-alone solution. Acquisition of a new function tester (FCT) for electronic gas modulation systems and a new transport vehicle.


Participation in the parade on the occasion of the 800th anniversary of Blankenburg/ Harz.



Plättner Elektronik GmbH employs a total of 53 people, including 3 trainees. In addition, a new 120 square meter hall was built, the new nitrogen plant was commissioned and a new automatic crimping machine and a machine for cutting and stripping wires were purchased.



Acquisition of a new cleaning and reflow soldering system (Rehm VX)



Introduction and application of the ISO 9001 : 2008 quality management system



Acquisition of a further wave soldering machine (SEHO 7240-F). The warehouse was rebuilt and expanded.



Investment in a further SMT production line, including a stencil printer (DEK), two SMD placement machines (Siplace), a reflow soldering system (Rehm) and corresponding handling. A flying probe tester (FPT, Polar) and a new wave soldering system (epm) were also purchased. Introduction and application of workplace components regarding conductivity in accordance with DIN EN 61340-5-1 A1 and A2 and DIN EN 61340-4-1.



Foundation of a completely new company headquarters in Blankenburg/Harz



The existing plant in Quedlinburg is expanded with the latest technology, which offers better production possibilities.



Investment in two SMD placement machines and a full convection reflow soldering system in order to introduce a new placement and soldering method into the production process.



Plättner Elektronik GmbH has 23 employees, including four development engineers and two trainees, and is gradually introducing the production of its own products, such as the "Drill-Guide".



Plättner Elektronik GmbH employed two development engineers as well as 15 employees in the production area, one production foreman and one trainee.


Conversion of the sole proprietorship into a limited company, establishment of an in-house development department. The in-house development and production of new and innovative electronic devices was to become the second main pillar of the company.



Acquisition of the first three placement machines, rental of further production rooms with an area of approx. 450 square meters



The managing director Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Helmut Plättner founded his company in the former premises of VEB Sternradio Berlin in the world heritage town of Quedlinburg.


In a backyard in a rented small hall with approx. 180 square meters, the later warehouse for packaging materials and without larger orders, but with three employees, Mr. Plättner took the courageous step into self-employment.


In the beginning, the main orders consisted of contract manufacturing of circuit boards, which are used, for example, as multi-switches for satellite reception.