Low Power T8 LED tube

The Low Power T8 LED tube is a light fi tting that uses the latest LED technology. From now on, you will be able to implement your planned lighting arrangements in an environmentally friendly manner with a high degree of energy effi ciency thanks to this product’s excellent reliability and long service life. With the Low Power T8 LED tube, you will be able to replace the conventional fl uorescent tubes that you have used up to now with an energy-effi cient light fi tting in a simple manner. When using your new Low Power T8 LED tube, please observe the following instructions and other applicable installation regulations to ensure a long service life and safe operation for this product.

The Low Power T8 LED tube is available in various models. An LED driver is responsible for the power supply. In contrast with conventional fluorescent tubes, there is no delay in switching on these lights. Brightness is thus available immediately when the unit is switched on. The start-up time that is familiar from conventional fluorescent tubes is avoided here, meaning that instantaneous lighting is provided. The light emitted is flicker-free and is thus also suitable for people who are sensitive to conventional fluorescent tubes. The Low Power T8 LED tube is not affected by short switching intervals.