Electronic series switch ES1000W-AF8

The electronic series switch ES 1000W / AF8 enables to switch separately all kind of lamps for example:
• ceiling and wall lamps
• multi-lamp luminaries
• outside lighting etc..
… and all this by using the already existing switch contact / circuit breaker
The ES 1000W / AF8 is only meant for lighting purposes.
It can be operated in all conventional circuit varieties as disconnection, two-way connection, cross connection and connections with surge relay.
In dimmed circuits the use of the device is limited.
With the ES 1000W / AF8 those circuitry are easily extended to the function of a series switch. Therefor it's possible to operate independently two lamps. Otherwise this could only be realized with a conventional series switch what would also mean a lot more effort. With the ES 1000W / AF8 the existing installation won't be changed. Only the added lamp has to be interconnected. Due to the minimal dimension the ES 1000W / AF8 can be build into (with spring-clamp technique) for example branch boxes, lamps, canopies etc. The electronic series switch ES 1000W / AF8 can be used for energy saving. When installed outside attention has to be paid to the appropriate degree of protection for example by using a branch box in humid locations.